Sales and marketing are very different disciplines.  Sales, sales management, and channel management are very different specialties, too.


Top sales reps often have a natural gift, which can be enhanced, even unleashed, through effective training, incentives, and guidance.  Most great reps focus on the customer and have excellent interpersonal skills.  You need them on your team, but not necessarily running your sales organization.


Many organizations “promote” their top sales reps into management positions, yet do not properly equip or support them for this transition, doing no one a favor.  Effective sales management requires getting results through others.  Top managers spend time tracking and analyzing results, then providing the proper motivation and intervention in just the right way at just the right time.  It is a different art than traditional selling, though great sales managers typically were successful sales reps.


Developing and managing a third party or channel program is an entirely different undertaking.  There are plenty of good programs to model, but which pages should you pull from their playbooks?


RevGen was built with these dynamics in mind. How can we help you grow?



  • Sales strategy
  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Sales organization design
  • Sales planning 
  • Sales process
  • Sales incentive programs
  • Sales coaching/mentoring
  • Channel program development
  • Interim sales management


Insights (whitepapers available by request)

  • Sales Force Effectiveness


Sample Clients

  • 3D Systems, Dean Foods, Dell, Pella, Schneider, Verizon, Xerox


Sample Project Experience




Sales Organization Assessment

Evaluated the sales organization, including compensation plans, for this international company that was built through mergers and acquisitions.

Walmart Account Team Design

Advised on the organization design, roles, and responsibilities for this new team.  Facilitated agreements on decision rights with the three business unit presidents.

DSD Route Settlement

Designed and implemented a standard route settlement process across all (100+) acquired dairies for this DSD business.

Sales Automation

Designed, developed, tested, and implemented a sales automation solution for an SBU.  This required custom development work, as well as integration with the ERP implementation.

Interim VP Marketing & Sales

Assumed the responsibilities of customer development, including direct marketing and sales.

Go-To-Market Assessment

Evaluated multiple sales channels, performance, structure, and design.

Buying Process Development

Developed a holistic process, complete with roles, responsibilities, and timeframes, to help the sales organization identify key points in the buying cycle.

Lead Generation Program

Developed a lead generation program, complete with a third party call-center.

Sales Guide Development

Supported the development of a guide for the direct and partner sales channels.

Sales Presentation Development

Advised on sales presentations to ensure company messages and value propositions were utilized.

Call Center Management

Designed, developed, implemented and provided ongoing management of several internal and third party call centers for both inbound and outbound programs.  This including script writing, sales tool development, list creation and management, sales management and performance reporting.

CRM Implementation

Hired to deploy a CRM strategy that was designed by ATKearney.  Were responsible for the project management, and ultimately presenting to senior management the reason the solution was not operationally implementable.


Served in various sales positions, from cold calling through major accounts, averaging 178% of quota.

Sales Guide Development

Developed guides to selling including the education and the state and local government markets.



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