It is common for companies to want growth, so they frequently ask for marketing.  


It is uncommon for people to have a consistent definition of successful marketing.  


Simply throwing money at the 4Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) leaves plenty of room for miscommunication and poor results, regardless of your level of investment.  Successful programs are built upon sound strategy and a well reasoned marketing plan.  To really make a difference, companies today need strategic marketing insight coupled with solid execution capabilities.


RevGen was built with this in mind.  How can we help you grow?



  • Marketing strategy
  • Planning
  • Go-To-Market
  • Campaigns
  • Corporate identity development
  • Collateral and online
  • Listening tools
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Interim executive roles


Insights (whitepapers available by request)

  • Holistic solutions
  • Marketing plan development
  • Positioning/messaging
  • Segmentation/targeting
  • Value-in-use
  • Value proposition development


Sample Clients

  • BNSF, Dell, FastSigns, Frito Lay, Schneider, UTI, Verizon, Xerox

Sample Project Experience




Customer Satisfaction Program Review

Assessed the customer satisfaction program, based on Walker Information surveys, and developed recommendations for business units.

Interim Marketing Resources

Placed several individual contributors in the marketing department.

Product Manager

Launched Dell’s first server products in the education, state and local, and health care industries.

Web Site Redesign

Led the web redesign project which was viewed as a key piece of the value proposition to franchisees.

Communication Portal

Developed an online portal to facilitate communication between marketing and sales.  Eventually this became a key collaboration tool.

Communication Protocols

Established communication protocols between marketing and sales for efficient go-to-market efforts.

Job Profiling

Developed job descriptions and responsibilities for each job type in the sales organization.  These were tied to the performance review process, which impacted compensation and career progression.

Focus Groups

Conducted focus groups with potential users and customers, which led to significant changes in the product, messaging, and go-to-market strategies.

Identity Package

Developed a company logo, brand standards, look and feel for printed and digital materials.

Interim VP Marketing & Sales

Assumed the responsibilities of customer development, including direct marketing and sales.

Marketing Website

Designed the marketing website which served as the online brochure for clients and partners.

Product Development

Facilitated sessions to identify and prioritize product attributes, functionality, and road maps.


Developed in-flight marketing materials and programs for the client and their customers.


Developed marketing materials, presentations, and website strategies for customers and partner doctors.

Collateral Development

Placed marketing resources onsite to assist the marketing team with materials development.


Staffed a writer to help the marketing department improve their messaging.

STAR Partner Program Assessment

Evaluated the existing channel partner program, complete with a benchmarking study of other tech company programs.  Recommended a new, tiered system with associated compensation targets.

Trade Show Management

Project management staffing for all aspects of trade shows across North America.


Project managed the design, development, and deployment of subject matter experts via webinar.

Go-To-Market Process Design

Design and implement a new process for producing and taking campaigns to market.  Project included external agencies and internal org design.

Affinity Marketing

Assist in the development of the affinity marketing channel program.  Source potential partners and work with them to arrange contractual relationships.

Campaign Management

Designed, developed, and managed marketing campaigns for the broadband division, including interfacing with the agency of record.

Co-marketing Program

Assisted in the development of the co-marketing program, including building relationships with partners.

Competitive Reviews

Review, assess, and provide an annual report on the competitive offerings.


Gathered relevant background information and prepared copy for internal and external materials.

Email Marketing

Designed and executed email marketing campaigns through lead tracking and results reporting.

Go-To-Market Process Design

Design and implement the new process for taking products, prices, and promotions to market for both business and consumer markets.

Go-To-Market Communication Plan

Introduction and training packet development and deployment to 1,500 employees responsible for the new process.  Hired an improvisational comedy troupe to add levity to this 5 stop road show.

Go-To-Market Redux

Redesigned the GTM process to accommodate a strategic shift from national to regional market focus.

List Request Form

Managed a very complicated process of disseminating the lead lists to the various marketing initiatives.  This included negotiating with other SBUs for the finite pool of leads.

Logo Items

Responsible for selecting and acquiring logo items to support various initiatives and programs associated with product roll-outs, call center programs, or re-organization alignment efforts.

Analytics on Offers

Built a model to evaluate the effectiveness of offers.  At the time, the client had tens of thousands of offers in the market.

Portal Design

Worked with Accenture to develop requirements for a new portal supporting small business customers.

Rebate Fulfillment Program

Set-up and manage a rebate fulfillment program through a third party vendor.  Evaluate vendor performance and participate in agency review.

Reporting Assistance

Designed and compiled performance data.  Presented recommendations to senior management.


Scoped the responsibilities that needed to be filled, then secured the right resource based on the project duration and budget.  Completed successful searches for sales operations, marketing, long distance tariffs, and divestitures groups.

Training Materials

Developed and completed the copywriting for the rep training materials for the new VOIP product.

VOIP Retail Merchandising

Conducted a research supported brainstorming session to develop an effective in-store display.

Website Content

Responsible for the daily content management for the small business section of the corporate web site. Acquired content from various sources, including the Small Business School and Yellow Brix.  Also responsible for developing custom content for areas where buying or partnering was not an option.

Website Development

Hired and led a team responsible for developing the site requirements and managing the relationship with the IT teams on this multi-year multi-million dollar project.  Later stages of the project included developing online ordering, live chat, and call me now capabilities.

Website Splash Pages

Design and develop micro-sites associated with internal and external programs and campaigns.

Product Specialist (HVME)

Responsible for sales of the largest ticket product lines through the general sales force.

Channel Management

Managed sales of high end product lines through the partner channel.

Malcolm Baldrige Quality Specialist

Served as a specialist responsible for implementing quality programs at Houston Operations.

Marketing Services

Facilitated a planning session.  Developed new corporate identity, including logo, website, brochure, business cards and letterhead.


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