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Are entrepreneurs born or made?  Regardless of your answer, entrepreneurs are rarely experts in all business functions across the various growth stages of a company.  And, they sure can't do it all by themselves.


Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes.  From revolutionary, holistic transformations to evolutionary and iterative shifts, one thing is constant -- change.  And the waves of change are increasing in speed and magnitude.  Many organizations are working to make change readiness a competitive advantage and part of their foundational DNA.


Most successful companies received assistance on their path to prominence.  Sometimes the help takes the shape of a consultant hired for a specific project, an advisor or mentor, a board member, an interim member of the management team, or simply some added resource capacity needed to support a growing concern.  Many times it takes all of these, sequenced in just the right way, to match capital constraints with revenue opportunities.  The path to success is fraught with pitfalls.  Therefore, it is imperative that you have a guide that knows the traps along the way.


RevGen was built with this in mind.  How can we help you grow?



  • Business plan development 
  • Interim management
  • Presentation development 
  • Presentation coaching
  • Venture assessment


Insights (whitepapers available by request)

  • Venture Creation & Development Process


Sample Clients

  • Various new ventures and venture capital clients


Sample Project Experience





New Market Opportunity Assessment

Developed the business case for entering a new 3D printing (hardware, software, and services) market category.

Angel Group Business Plan Presentations

Prepared start-up companies for their presentations to the group of angel investors.  Included advisory services on business plans and pitch presentations.

Methodology Development

Designed the holistic approach to sales force effectiveness (SFE), including CRM solutions.

Coaching & Interim Executive

Assisted the CEO with strategy and operations development.  Coached the executive team through transitions and development programs.

Business Planning

Review, edit, revise the business plan, including authoring sections on marketing strategy.

VC Fundraising

Presented the investment opportunity to multiple venture capitalists, including valuation discussions.

VC Pitch Deck

Developed a presentation to support attempts at raising venture capital.


Founded and ran a concierge business focused on helping companies retain key employees.

Product Commercialization

Advised on go-to-market strategies and commercialization options for a new product design.

Business Plan Development

Compiled and assimilated information into a formal business plan, including advisory services and development of the sales and marketing components.

Certified Mentor

Completed the initial curriculum and classroom components of the mentor certification program, which was taught by local venture capitalists.  Mentors evaluate deal flow and advise portfolio companies.

Business Strategy and Planning

Develop a business plan to help raise venture funding for this co-location company.  Assist with business development and marketing.

Program Development

Assisted this new private foundation with the development of their program that helps first generation college students be successful.

Marketing Plan Development

Worked with this spin-out company to craft their first marketing plan. Given their unique offering of one deal for one day this was especially challenging.


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